The Man

I am making in the earth a viceroy. (2:30)

Where does man stand in the universe -- man who, even today, worships animals, trees, stones, hand-made images and other men; man who eats, drinks and procreates no better than animals; man who cuts the throats of his fellow-men mercilessly; man who fails to see other men as members of the same family? What, according to Quran, is then the status of this man, and what is his purpose in life?

The Quran reminds this ignorant fool, called man, to what unimaginable heights he has been placed by his Creator, and Quran said so in the days when man lived in small habitations, not knowing even the boundaries of the earth or nature of clouds.

Origin of the man, said the Quran, lay in clay, and he continued his progeny through sperm. He is born ignorant, yet he is given the capabilities to know everything and to capture anything, and to be the Viceroy of God. In fact, God breathed a portion of His Spirit in him.

Everything in the universe has been subjected to him. Even the angels (the etherial forces of God) bow before him. He can lay hand on anything in the four corners of the universe, even beyond the skies, if he so will.

The Quran also explained that entire mankind was one community from a common parentage, that man’s internal fight was wrong and that he should live as a united fraternity, in the service of God, attending to the noble task of viceroyship of his Master.

He created it, and created it a perfect, balanced and law-abiding Universe, which progressed from electronic waves to atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, plants, and animals—all engaged in some particular task, and thereby maintaining themselves and building the world towards perfection.

At the end appeared MAN, physically an animal like the rest, yet bestowed with special eyes, special ears and a special mind, so that he should be able to capture, utilize and rule the world on behalf of God.

Purpose of Man is, therefore, to serve God i.e. to work his plan so as to carry it forward, and simultaneously raise himself to greater and greater heights, till he meets God on the Day of Judgement and receives his momentous reward. Or else, if he obstructs God’s plan, he would deserve nothing but Hell to burn in its scorching heat for ever.

Now listen to Quran what it says.


Birth of Man

He made handsome everything that He created, and he began the creation of Man from clay; then he made his progeny from extract of a mean water; then He shaped him and breathed in him of His Spirit, and made for you the ears, the eyes and the hearts; but little thanks you show. (32:7-9)

O men, if you are in doubt concerning the Uprising, then surely We created you from dust, then from a drop, then from a clot, then from a lump of tissue, formed and unformed, that We may make clear to you; and We lodge in the wombs what We will, till a stated term, then We bring you forth as infants, that you may then attain your full strength; and among you some die and some are returned to the vilest age, so that they know nothing after the knowledge. (22:5)

We created man in the best of moulds. (95:4)


Man Born Ignorant

Has there come on man a while of time when he was not a thing to be remembered? We created man from a mingled drop, then trying him, We made him hearing and seeing. (76:1-2)

It is God Who brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers, you not knowing anything, then made for you the ears, the eyes and the hearts, that you may give thanks. (16:78)


Mankind is One Community

It is He Who raised you from a single soul, then there is a resting place and a repository; We have explained the Signs for a people who understand. (6:98)

O men, We have created you from a male and a female, and made you races and tribes, that you may know one another; the noblest among you with God is the most godfearing of you; God is Knowing, Aware. (49:13)

Mankind is not but one community, yet they differ. If a Word from thy Lord had not gone forth , it would have been decided between them in what they differ. (10:19)

If God had willed, He would have made them one community, but He admits to His mercy whom He will; and for the wrong-doers there will be no protector or helper. Have they taken protectors apart from Him, but God himself is the protector, and it is He that raises the dead; and He is powerful over everything. (42:8-9)


Everything Subjected to Man

We have honored the Children of Adam, and have carried them on land and sea, and have provided them of good things, and have exalted them greatly over many of those We have created. (17:70)

Have you not seen that God has subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and He has lavished on you His blessings, open and hidden; yet among men are those who dispute concerning God without any knowledge or guidance or an illuminating Book. (31:20)

God is He Who subjected to you the sea, so that the ships may run on it at His command, so that you may seek His bounty and so that you may be thankful. And He subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth, all from Him; surely in that are signs for a people who ponder. (45:12-13)

We gave David bounty from Us -‘O mountains and birds, praise with him;’ and We softened iron for him -- ‘make wide coats of mail, and measure well the links; and act you righteous, for I see the things you do.’ And to Solomon, We subjected the wind, whose morning course was of a month and whose evening course was of a month; and We made to flow for him the fount of molten brass. And of the Jinn some worked before him, by leave of his Lord; and such of them as swerved from Our commandment, We let them taste the punishment of the Blaze. They worked for him what he would—arsenals, statues, bowls like water troughs and anchored cooking pots: ‘work, O House of David, thankfully, for a few out of Our servants are thankful.’ (34:10-13)


Man Honoured to Rule

When thy Lord said to the angels, ‘I am making in the earth a viceroy;’ they said, ‘wilt Thou make therein one who will cause disorder and shed blood there, while we celebrate Thy praise and Thy holiness?’ He said, ‘I know what you do not know.’ And He taught Adam all the names, then presented them to the angels, and said, ‘tell me these names, if you are truthful.’ They said, ‘glory be to Thee, we have no knowledge except what Thou hast taught us; Thou art the Knowing the Wise.’ He said, ‘Adam , tell them their names;’ and when he told them their names, He said, ‘did I not tell you that I know the hidden things of heavens and earth, and I know what you reveal and what you hide.’ (2:30-33)


Angels Placed under Man

When they Lord said to the angels, ‘I am creating a mortal out of clay, and when I have shaped him and breathed of My spirit in Him, fall you down prostrating before him. So the angels prostrated, everyone of them, altogether, except Iblis (Devil); he showed arrogance and was among the unbelievers. (38:71-74)


Purpose of Man

I have not created men and jinn but that they serve me. (84:19)

O man, thou shalt be laboring to thy Lord laboriously, then shalt meet Him (84:6)



O men, you are the ones in need of God, and God is the All-Sufficient, the Praise-worthy. If He will, He will take you away and bring in a new creation. (35: 15-16)


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